About Us



The French American Cultural Society (FACS) is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 based in San Francisco which supports, produces and co-produces innovative French and American cultural and educational projects in the Bay Area and beyond.



The French American Cultural Society offers to its community of members and donors a unique cultural experience in the Bay Area and beyond. Each month, FACS provides VIP access to exhibitions, conferences, visits of artists studios and more. The diversity and wealth of our offer stems from our close collaboration with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the French Consulate in San Francisco.

100% of donations are dedicated to the events (private or public) and programs supported, produced or co-produced by FACS.



FACS is a community of arts and culture lovers sharing strong values.

CREATIVITY. We support the artist’s vision and unique place in society and give voice to alternative and creative ways of expressing views through painting, photography, music and more.

INNOVATION. We strongly believe that art is nurtured and strengthened by a multidisciplinary approach. This is why we are willing to bring together actors from different sectors of innovation - arts, technology and science - at the heart of Silicon Valley.

DIALOGUE. We promote a transnational dialogue in order to bring together artists and stakeholders from France and the US. We foster cross-pollination through conferences, meetings, cultural encounters, and more. We believe that arts and culture are borderless.

DIVERSITY. We offer access to a wide range of events and players from the cultural sector and promote events in unique locations with both local and foreign artists, from various backgrounds.