Towards Villa San Francisco

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putting san francisco on the map of international artistic residencies

Thanks to the success of the writing residency program A Room with a View, the residency now fosters the ambition to become Villa San Francisco, the first French artists’ residency in the United States along Villa Medici in Roma and Villa Kujoyama in Tokyo.

Our engagement of bridging American and French cultures takes its roots in a place of encounters and exchange. The Villas come from a tradition established by Louis XIV to create vibrant centers of artistic creativity.

When many artists have left the city due to the rising cost of living, we believe it is essential to (re)invite artists, in all their diversity, in the heart of San Francisco. Villa San Francisco promotes dialogue, inclusiveness, and creativity.

Villa San Francisco offers pluridisciplinary programs in literature, cinema, design, arts & technology. The artists in residence get the opportunity to create and collaborate with local institutions.

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All residency programs are designed in collaboration with local institutions.

FEBRUARY. Tania Mouraud (artist) and Delphine Diallo (photographer) / Pulsions, 836M + Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History + ProArts Gallery

FEBRUARY. Patrick Boucheron / Stanford University

MARCH. Julien Beller (architect, founder of 6b) / Oakland/Saint-Denis cooperation project

MARCH. SMITH (artist) / E.A.R.T.H. Lab/UC Santa Cruz

APRIL. Elisabeth Daynès (artist) / 836M

APRIL. Nölwenn Roberts (director) / SFFILM

APRIL. Nathan Ambrosioni (director) / SFFILM

APRIL. Joan Giner and Olivier Ratsi (artists), MUTEK.SF

MAY-JUNE. Jérémie Royer (illustrator) / Bay Area Book Festival, Portland State University            

JUNE. Julien Prévieux (artist) / Root Division

JUNE. Vincent Courtois (musician, composer) & Pierre Baux / Jack London Tour + Martin Eden creations/ Oakland Public Library

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In addition to the residency programs, FACS invites local art galleries and artists to exhibit at Villa San Francisco. Throughout the year, FACS offers multiple private visits and events to its members, so they can meet with artists and curators. Find out more about upcoming events on our calendar.

In Spring 2019, Villa San Francisco presents San Francisco Artists on the Horizon, an exhibition curated by Micaela van Zwoll and featuring artworks by JP Long, Silvia Poloto and William C. Rolf. More information about the current exhibition can be found here.