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"Love of Life Sessions" at 25th Street Recording studio

Vincent Courtois, Daniel Erdmann and Robin Fincker are coming from Paris to Oakland to record their new album inspired by the works of Jack London. Hosted at 25th Street recording studios (Oakland) by doubleOone and recorded by Gérard de Haro from La Buissonne over the course of 2 days, the cello and saxes trio will deliver their latest creation.

25th Street Recording is a world-class music recording facility niched in the heart of downtown Oakland. It features many specialized construction techniques that make it one of the quietest, best sounding studios in the world.

You will attend a 3 hour recording session in a state of the art studio, and share this unique moment with a band as they record their new album, and work together to reach excellence. You will be in the recording room with the musicians as they rehearse, play and record.