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My Mother's Maiden Name at Root Division

On June 20, 2019 from 6:30 to 8:30pm, Prévieux will be in discussion with Tamara Suarez Porras, Joty Dhaliwal and Kira Dominguez to exchange on the different artists' artworks and the relationship to the theme of online security, memory and history making. The talk will be moderated by curator Tanya Gayer and will take place at Root Division (San Francisco).

French artist Julien Prévieux will participate in a panel presented at Root Division gallery (San Francisco), as part of the exhibition "What's Your Mother's Maiden Name?", curated by Tanya Gayer (June 5-29). The exhibition analyzes the governance of individual history seen in security questions and implements this question and answer protocol as a precedent to discuss online authorship, culture-construction, and systems of knowledge. The selected artists take a considered approach to the fragility of memory and identity amongst digital data noise to account for information that cannot be quantified through such constructs like security systems.