Jean Dessirier: Mythologies at Modernism
Ongoing – August 19, 2017


Modernism is pleased to present the first U.S. exhibition of Jean Dessirier, a French sculptor and painter whose raw materials are ancient myth and the old rooftops of Paris. Since the early 1980s, Dessirier has crafted polychromatic sculptures out of salvaged roofing zinc.

A painter and a sculptor, Jean Dessirier started as a glass artist.He had his first artistic experiences while working in Max Ingrand's workshop restoring glass art works.

Very young he had been attracted by drawing and painting and his calling just got stronger when confronted to other artists at Henri Goetz's workshop (former André Lhote academy) right at the heart of Montparnasse. This is where he learned etching.

He decided to become a painter and was immediately attracted to portraits. From then on the human body became the center of his research.

Jean works mainly from timeworn materials (old wood pieces, zinc, sheet letal, lead) and likes playing with various techniques (cutouts, hammering and painting). Most of his sculptures are polychromic.

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